The Grid is a tool combines various colors to generate security code. 

(The grid provides an input field so that the user can directly create a payment-only key)


The Pattern is an act where the user draws directly on the Grid.

(The Pattern is for the user to directly generate an unpredictable payment code value by combining color pixels)


The Dynamic Code is a dynamic payment code that combines the Grid and Pattern.

(The purpose of the Dynamic Code is to protect the card information through random rearrangements until the moment of transaction)


The user can select the payment system that is suitable to the level of security of their preference.


Ghost Wallet's easy payment method generates a disposable color security code for secure payment.

(Security is maintained with dynamic code until the moment of transaction.)


The hybrid card that synced to mobile device fundamentally prevents card duplication and theft by using disposable payment/card information only.


This is the safest way to separate payments from your account to make payment with a disposable payment code.


The user can select a payment method according to the situation.


Before payment, the dynamic blocks remain in a non-recognizable form, and the Safety Payment Mode is executed only at the moment of transaction and with that QR code payment approval can be completed.

- What is Safety Payment Mode?

The safety mode that is activated immediately at the moment of transaction.


Ghost Card is a blank card that delivers only minimal payment information in the form of a disposable payment code, so there is no worry of card loss or card duplication.

- It can be used safely without complicated changes unlike the existing card system. 

- Secure and various payment scenarios are possible, hence users around the world can use it with confidence. 

- Ghost card is a shift in paradigm as the payment approval subject changes from the merchant to the user.


When making e-commerce online payments, it is a system that enables secure payment with a disposable payment code depending on the mobile or PC environment.

 X-PAY Registered Card Payment

When making e-commerce online payments, the system enables secure payment with a disposable payment code depending on the mobile or PC environment.


When scanning a block QR with an X-PAY card for payment, you receive payment information and generate a disposable payment code to securely pay.



(Payment-Ad Integration)

Mobile receipt advertisement is a service that supports photo and video advertisements on payment receipts.

You can choose location-based services, coupon services, etc. increase the satisfaction of merchants with card companies and collect additional big data.


(Card Theme Content)

Card theme is a service that provides various digital animation card contents to its users. Card theme provides the user-friendly content that is required during the process of integrating the physical card and the mobile pay.


(Issuance of Card linked to Mobile)

Ghost card is a hybrid card synced to the user’s mobile device, and it fundamentally blocks the source of theft caused by illegal duplication and card loss.

Ghost card only gives out payment information without the card number being exposed, and personal information other than payment information does not remain in the POS.


(E-commerce customized to Users)

Shopping mall extracts optimized keywords for each product based on big data analysis of all registered product reviews and provides ‘true keywords’ for each product.

When a consumer searches for a keyword, a detailed category appears as an icon, and you can easily and quickly search for the desired product by simply touching the icon.

- Extract big data keywords from specific products

- Restructure Shopping Mall Categories through Consumer Keywords

- Create Extremely Subjective and Realistic Category Icons

- Easy Product Filtering

- Extract product that is customized to user

- Easy Payment Easy Shopping


1. Company name :

 STARLION GROUP in Japan (AD, Fintech)

 STARLION COMPANY in Korea (Operation & Tech) 

 STARCAVE GLOBAL in Hong Kong (Fintech)

2. Founder : Ted Ko & Harrison Park 

3. Established date : 2018. 02. 02 

4. Employee : 

Development Team- 12, Management Team- 10, 

Sales & Marketing Team- 20

5. Major development : 

Fintech Solution for Security via Color Encrypted Code. 

(Ghost Wallet, Ghost Pay, Ghost Aegis Card, Ghost Sync Card)

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